I have a BSc Traditional Chinese Medicine Acupuncture - over 15 years experience of acupuncture, starting with NADA Auricular 2005.

  • Registered with British Acupuncture Council.
  • I am passionate to share with everyone the power of self Healing using many tools inc TCM Acupuncture, breath work, diet, self chat and more. Skills combined with my personal experience as well as client evidence.
  • How to make changes in your life that you never even knew existed. Find new vitality and life in your steps.
  • You can experience healing and then explore yourself and work towards your health with mind, body & spirit!.


My story - so my story started from young I believe. How did I decide healing work/path ?

I had a challenging childhood of trauma and abuse. Sexual, physical, emotional and manipulation. Sadly, this is very common nowadays. Even in our adult lives, trauma is very common to the body. Manipulation is everywhere , we are awakening to the changes we all need to make in the world. We can see this in the today on a mass scale - a collective conscious level. I believe if we all focus on our own self healing we can heal the world and mother earth herself. everything is a reflection. We are all going through an awakening together and whatever level of awareness we are at, is meant to be. There is no race and we are capable of healing. Each one of our healing processes bring us individual gifts. These are essential and magical to share. Trauma, manipulation, relationship breakdown, stress and toxin build up are a few issues we all have somewhere. When healing takes place the spirit and person can learn and make use of these challenging times and turn to power and gifts.

I now see my past a journey as my purpose. It has brought me gifts to guide others to heal. Although tis has been tough and very painful along the way I am now very grateful. It is my true passion to share my tools and guide to self heal. My past and healing has given me physic abilities to feel, see and guide others to painful memories that are alone to painful to go . I can empathise deeply and connect spiritually with my patients and their inner child. I have had a past addictions of drugs, alcohol, food and more. Eating disorders, suicide attempts and abusive relationships, I have suffered the pain of PTSD, anxiety, depression and psychosis -I have come through it and am a survivor. I can still suffer with these issues sometimes and I have found ways to deal with them not be embarrassed or ashamed anymore. I actually believe mental health is an amazing experience of spiritual growth. In a world of pain, trauma, abuse, war and so on I believe it is safe to say its ok to feel slightly concerned mentally! Don't you think!? We live in a culture which is lost at what to do with mental health and tends to suppress with medication, which maybe needed from time time but long term is no cure.

To move through it, with it and feel it with empathy and understand it. This can be transformational and an experience of cocoon to butterfly!! In shamanic times the Doctor of the tribe would be the one who had experienced the deepest mental struggles - so a very positive a sign and showed strength, knowledgeable and wisdom.

I believe these journeys make us feel such depth of emotion that with that amazing power of love can also be felt too. When we move and clear this energy we can enjoy the passion of joy and love and come through and understand our healing.


Now @ 37 years old I have a Hons Degree, I have a successful business healing people, a wonderful son and so many stories and life lessons.

But most importantly I do honestly wake each morning with a true smile on my face from inside. A passion to grow and learn and love! I love life and I truly love myself now. This is true relationship we need before any other. I love working with people and wish to inspire the passion others.

This took self discovery and healing - its not over night, but when you enjoy the journey and there doesn't need to be a rush to the end product. X

I have the personal tools and educated knowledge to help and support - if your ready to make changes for the better!

I have over 10 years experience of Acupuncture, starting my drug & alcohol worker role with Camden & Westminster Then furthering my study's with a BACc Acupuncture with LCTA University 2007-2010

I am presently studying NLP Practitioner, Nutrition, Mindfulness as these skills are used in every patient I see and so my passions keep developing through my work.

Please email me with any questions you may have :)

Peace & Love x