All new clients are recommended to have a course of treatment - 4-6 sessions initially. This allows us to really get to the root of the issue and understanding the bodies balance. Breathing, Nutritional and Lifestyle advice included with all treatments.

Addiction Therapy

Nada Addiction acupuncture can be in groups as well as one to one treatments. This Nada acupuncture is only in the ears and is a protocol point selection of 5 points in the ears.

Supporting central nervous system, liver, kidneys, lungs and heart. Together they works on the addiction channel - great for anxiety, stress, sleep and all kinds of habits and addiction.

One to One .Nada 30 mins £35

Course of 10 x 30 mins £300 best advised 3 times weekly

Group treatments available please discuss with me to arrange- up to 15 people.