All new clients are recommended to have a course of treatment - 4-6 sessions initially. This allows us to really get to the root of the issue and understanding the bodies balance. Breathing, Nutritional and Lifestyle advice included with all treatments.

Facial Rejuvenation Cupping & Massage

Cupping is great tool for massaging the muscles, cleansing the blood and moving stagnation in the system. I use a lot on the back in Acupuncture treatments to treat pain, stress, muscle tension and detoxing. I also specialist in facial cupping using very delicate and slow movement to rejuvenation the face.

£45 (30mins) back cupping massage

£60(60mins) facial rejuvenation cupping treatment

£90(90mins) combination back & face cupping and massage ,tailored to needs

£220 6x20mins cellulite cupping treatments(2x weekly best results)

Can also try an all over body cupping massage treatment - just ask me for more details!