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    Do you feel stuck, depressed and stressed?!

    Are you feeling frustrated and fed up! Even depressed, anxious and possibly even thoughts of giving up to some extent.
    You are not alone, the world is as a stressful place and many people suffer in pain silently.
    Especially these days with so many yogis, raw foodies and meditation gurus online.
    It can be really hard to change something in your life or “be” happy, “think” positive.
    Many of us have a surface life with smiles and hellos and then inside what the hell is going on!!
    I work with people to get in touch with the “what the hell” inside and work through it – and actually let it drive and direct you to develop and grow not stagnate.
    Its a powerful energy flow inside and with someone who cant help redirect it it can transform to move you to the right place you need to be.
    Emotions that are stuck and blocked are the cause of all ill health and western life only knows how to suppress – not how to enter them and deal with. Emotions are the cause of all ill health and left alone this can cause disease.
    I have transformed my life of trauma and abuse by going into my emotions and redirecting them and getting to know them. Getting to know the real me.
    The world is in a lot of trauma and pain in many places – start within your world and we can make changes outside together  x love and light Rowena

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